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Mineral Management

The benefits in creating a Mineral Joint Venture with Weyburn Security are extensive.  Our company has been managing minerals for over fifty years!  As a result of such experience, we have been able to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with many oil and land companies.  These relationships pay off in the negotiation of lease agreements.  Mineral Freehold Owners also gain an increased ownership/liquidity.  

Weyburn Security can easily transfer mineral shares between joint venture parties.  One of the benefits in creating a Mineral Joint Venture with our company is the reduction of costs when compared to Trust Companies, Law Firms, and Accountants.  We have expertise in Petroleum and Natural Gas lease negotiation which protects mineral owners against oil company dominance in a lease.

Weyburn Security will also act as a power of attorney to negotiate any Petroleum and Natural Gas lease as well as surface leases.


The services provided to Mineral Freehold Owners are:

  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Negotiation

  • Distribution of Royalty Income

  • Year End Royalty Tax Preparation

  • Correspondence With Oil Companies

  • Transfer of Ownership of Shares

  • Title Administration including Title Transfer

Business Consulting
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