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 Group RRSPs

Provide your value to your long-term dedicated employees.


What are Group RRSPs?

A group registered retirement savings plan is a company-sponsored plan that employers can offer to their employees, or high value/long time employees for long term financial growth and savings. 

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How it works and the benefits

  • Contributions are made on a monthly basis that consist of an employer share and an employee share. The employer will decide the amount they want to match, and the employee can either opt for the maximum matched contribution or above and beyond. The amount you choose is to contribute will automatically be deducted from your pay.

  • RRSPs provide a reduction in your taxable income every year. Investments grow on a tax-deferred basis, maximizing your growth. 

  • Imposes disciplined savings with your employees. People are who are not inclined to save for their future, are forced to do so through payroll deduction.

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What are the benefits to employers?

  • Employee Retention. Retention can be a hard thing to accomplish these days. A group RRSP plan provides incentive for employees to stay with the company.

  • Attracts Talent. It's a competitive advantage towards attracting talented employees to work for you vs the competition. 

  • We take on all the administration of the plan. Once set up, all the heavy lifting is done by us. We will be in contact with your employees directly, provide instructions, advice and all our financial services. 

  • Budget friendly. You will know your exact amounts that you are contributing and therefore can plan for it. You can adjust your contributions at any time.


The Weyburn Security Peak Investments Advantage

  • Each employee will be able to contact our certified, experienced advisors for personal advice at any time. We will sit down with each employee (if desired), define their goals, risk, time horizon and create investment plan specifically tailored to each employee. Unlike many large pension funds and large institutions that have high turnover, we have long term, consistent advisors and staff so that you can talk to the same person that knows your financial background time after time. 

  • As an independent broker we have no obligations to proprietary products and have competitive advisor fees.

  • We have contracts with over 15 globally recognized companies, giving us the ability to provide virtually any range of mutual funds that exist. 

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