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Corporate Investing

Maximize your growth and fight against inflation by growing your corporate earnings.


Maximize growth and fight inflation

How Does it Work?


Corporate accounts can be opened with us at Weyburn Security where we take the time to invest your cash where we see the best fit for you and your corporation based on the current market conditions and your need for liquidity. 

Advantages of a corporate account include:

  1. Investments are 100% liquid and can be deposit back into your bank account within 2-3 business days whenever you need it. 

  2. No “corporate rate” or higher cost to open a corporate account. Our fees are extremely competitive. 

  3. In most cases, you are taxed on 50% of the growth of your investment (unlike 100% on regular income). 

  4. There are specific funds we can use that provide tax advantages to corporate accounts. 

  5. We have contracts with multiple globally recognized investment firms which provide a large variety of diverse funds. 

  6. Take advantage of strategic monthly contribution plans to maximize the growth of your investment without having to think about it. 

  7. As we do with any client, access to our full investment team will be available. Our admin works hard to keep everything in line and our certified advisors are always up to date on the latest market conditions and industry practices. 

Watching Stock Market
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